Frequently Asked Questions


What are my advantages when purchasing product from Uvarov® instead of a bigger manufacturer.

Besides the attractive price, Uvarov® offers both warranty and out of warranty service and support of its products in shortest timeframes. Wa can also fulfill any special requirement you may have regarding the technical characteristics (working range, magnification), mounts, installation modes and even the colour of your optical appliance.


I work in a non-typical, closely specialized field and I need a certain optical device which unfortunately is not in the list of the "standardized" specifications and has not been produced yet. Is there a solution to the problem?

Uvarov® offers the development, assembly and production of this unique device designed for closely specialized use and in accordance with all your needs and specifications.

Please ask our specialists!!


Are the devices described under "Products" all that the company offers?

In the Uvarov® catalogue you will find many more optical devices, produced by our company, as well as foreign companies.

Please ask for the full list of products we offer!!


The offers we receive from Uvarov® are in an unknown format - pdf.
What should we do?

Most of the documents we send to our customers are in Adobe .PDF format. In order to open these documents you need to install the free Adobe Reader, that you can download by clicking on the icon below:
Download free Adobe Reader