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Optical Adapter

Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Optical system for joining of an analogy or digital video camera or a photographic camera to a standard optical instrument (microscope, colposcope, etc.)

  • Through the device the subject could be displayed on a screen (video or PC monitor).

  • The design of the adapters is customized and depends on the brand of the microscope.

  • Optional mono or bi-channel optical system.

  • We offer a variety of video and analog cameras with pixel range depending on the needs and the demands of the client.

  • Specialized software allows storage and print alternatives.

Binocular Adapter

Spare Parts and Accessories An optical system for viewing objects with both eyes during work with a biological microscope.

Magnification - 1,6x


Spare Parts and Accessories We offer lenses
manufactured by:
„Lomo" - Russia;
„REICHERT" - Austria;
„Zeiss" - Germany;
„PZO" - Poland.


Spare Parts and Accessories We offer eyepieces
manufactured by:
„Lomo" - Russia;
„REICHERT" - Austria;
„PZO" - Poland.

Magnification - from 5x to 20x

Light sources

Halogen light source with intensity power control

  • Cold white light - 150W / 15V or 250W / 24V
  • Optical cable - 1,5 m

Halogen light source

  • Power - 20W / 12V

Ring LED light source

Spare Parts and Accessories
  • With intensity power control and light power - 130 000 mcdl

Spare parts and consummables

Spare Parts and Accessories
  • Bases

  • Condensers

  • Ranges

  • Light sources

  • Filters

  • Mirrors

  • Immersions

  • and more ...